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Best Glass for Partition Walls

Over the years, offices have changed from cubicles to more open-plan designs that allow for more community and movement around the space.

With nothing to restrict the line of sight between coworkers, supporters of the open-plan office space have always argued that it creates a more welcoming environment to work in. A more traditional view believes that your team will work best with some degree of privacy to get their job done effectively.

With glass office wall partitions, you can choose a happy medium that serves both purposes. They are a great way to retain the look and feel of an open plan office with most of the design kept the same, while still giving workers further protection and a sense of space.

In addition, internal glass partitions and walls open up your space and create a more well-lit and bright office environment.

Safeguard Glass provides a number of different options of tempered glass you can use in partition walls, doors and dividers, giving you some customizable options when it comes to design. Read on for a quick breakdown of the types of glass available to you.

Single Glazed Partitions

Easy to install and affordable, single glazed glass walls are a great way to box off different areas in your office without compromising on light and your open floor plan.

Divider Glass

Divider Glass can be placed on top of restaurant bars, receptionist desks, and more to create a safe division between customers and coworkers in a restaurant or waiting room.

Faceted Glass

If you are looking for a more modular solution, faceted glass walls are your perfect choice. These glass walls work well when you need to create free-standing glass partitions and dividers in your office or professional space.

All of our glass is High Quality, Tempered Glass

Our tempered glass is built to last. It will outlast plexiglass and other plastic offerings because it’s scratch-resistant and won’t turn yellow over time.

It’s also easy to clean and will hold up to any cleaning solution targeting pathogens or viruses with ease. Plastic barriers will break down with the use of chemicals and need to be replaced, unlike our glass offering.

Whether you are looking to add glass partitions to your office, clinic, restaurant, or other business, Safeguard glass is ready to help you. Let our team of glass technicians suggest the best tempered glass for your business purposes and unique situation.

Looking for Recommendations? Call Safeguard Glass for a Free Quote!

Safeguard Glass specializes in providing design consultation, and installation of glass dividers, walls, partitions, and more to the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area (GTA). If you have any questions or are unsure what glass is right for your commercial property or office, contact us now at (866) 482-7319 or get a free quote here.

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