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Tempered Glass Provider in Toronto

Safeguard Glass tempered glass is long-lasting and built for all kinds of conditions. Tempered glass can outlast plexiglass and any other types of plastic, because it is fully scratch resistant and won’t yellow due to light or weathering.


Tempered glass is very easy to clean, and holds up against a plethora of disinfecting and cleaning solutions. It can protect against all kinds of contact-based germs and viruses—it is superior to plastic barriers in every way.


Our tempered glass is specially constructed to transform traditional office settings into safe, vibrant, and aesthetically pleasing environments. We have experience installing our tempered glass all throughout Canada, and our ultimate goal is to create friendly environments that benefit people. Safeguard Glass tempered glass is made with safety in mind, benefitting both customers and employees. Installation is quick, easy, and always a positive experience using only the highest-quality products and working within your timeline.


Tempered Glass Products

Our tempered glass comes in a variety of styles and shapes, fitting any office space or professional setting.

How much does a glass door cost?

Custom Glass Partitions

Do you need glass barriers for your professional space? We offer a fully customized spread of tempered glass barriers that create unique and vibrant looks, as well as cater to safe and positive interactions in the workplace.

Glass Walls and Doors

Tempered glass systems can be specialized for you and your office space, shielding clients, visitors, and customers against germs, illnesses, viruses, and any transmissible diseases. They are the preferred method to create a healthy professional environment.

Tempered Glass Sneeze Guards and Dividers

All Safeguard Glass guards and dividers are custom designed and made in Canada. We use only the highest-quality materials, specially tailored to your needs. Our tempered glass sneeze guards and dividers can be made to fit any professional space, from grocery stores to small professional spaces. Our guards and dividers are crafted for maximum transparency, visibility, glare reduction, and safety.

Call us at Safeguard Glass for a free quote on Glass Doors for a medical, professional, or corporate setting. We are also able to supply all hinges and necessary components to get your glass doors set up quickly.

Tempered Glass Fights Germs

There are a number of ways tempered glass can be used to reduce the spread of germs, and Safeguard Glass Systems can customize your order to meet any need. 


We offer several germ-fighting alternatives:

  • Partition Walls

  • Reception Desk Partitions

  • Sneeze Guards

  • Breath Guards

  • Barriers For Point Of Sale And Administrative Needs

  • Waiting Room Partitions

  • Miscellaneous Barriers

  • Partition Doors

  • Workspace Partitions

  • Visitor Partitions


Tempered glass helps people feel safe and comfortable in any professional environment. As social distancing continues, reception desk barriers and breath guards continue to be necessary, functional, and helpful. Improve your waiting area conditions with any Safeguard Glass tempered glass installation.


Free Quotes, Safe Installations, and Friendly Flexible Services


Safeguard Glass knows that you respect time as much as you respect quality, and that goes double for the possibilities of your workspace. All of our trained technicians work with expediency to handle the unique and ever-changing needs of your business. We offer on-the-spot recommendations, work with you on pricing solutions, and completely set your mind at ease.


With several years of quality, expert glass installations, we want you to know that your tempered glass can be cut and installed within 10 business days. As we continue to find ways to make our environments healthy and functional, we want you to know that Safeguard Glass has your best interests at heart—both in product, and in community.


Our team thinks of everyone, and our tempered glass follows all the government guidelines for health and safety. We wear all the proper PPE, fully sanitize our work spaces, and can work with you to schedule after-hours and weekend slots so that your business can be where you want it to be in no time!


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