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Glass dividers offer a fantastic visual appearance to separate spaces in a room. No other wall or space partition can provide such a polished look. Our glass solutions are perfect for separating clients in waiting rooms for everyone’s safety.

We will always install durable, solid barriers with custom cutouts that fit your business needs for limited personal contact.

Sneeze guards provide transparent, unobstructed views of products made from durable tempered glass. Protect customers and employees with a smooth glass surface that is easy to wash and sanitize. Safeguard provides custom measured solutions for businesses requiring person-to-person interactions, making them safer for everyone.


Hotel Industry

Dental Clinics
Doctor Offices
Point of Sale
Medical Clinics
Nail & Beauty Salons
Hospitality Industry
Hair Salons & Barbers
Open Concept
Health & Fitness Restaurants
Food Stations

Glass dividers and guards are great for:


Benefits of Glass


Our glass make for a strong divider when protection is top of mind. It can be custom cut to size and create the right safety barrier to stop the spread of viruses. Glass is also very easy to clean to protect us all.


Using glass dividers will improve lighting, making workspaces seem larger and create a professional environment for employees, visitors and customers.


Why Tempered Glass?

Our tempered glass is built to last. It will outlast plexiglass and other plastic offerings because it’s scratch resistant and won’t turn yellow over time. It’s also easy to clean and will hold up to cleaning solutions to protect against contact-based viruses. Plastic barriers will break down with the use of chemicals and need to be replaced.


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