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Glass dividers offer a sleek and polished look unmatched by any other wall or partition. They are an excellent choice for separating spaces in a room while still maintaining an open feel.

Our team is dedicated to installing durable and solid glass barriers with custom cutouts to meet your business needs, minimize personal contact and promote hygiene.


Sneeze guards, made from durable tempered glass, provide an unobstructed view of products while protecting customers and employees. The smooth glass surface is easy to clean and sanitize, making it an excellent choice for businesses requiring person-to-person interactions. At Safeguard Glass, we offer custom-measured solutions that cater to the unique needs of your business, ensuring a safer environment for everyone.


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Benefits of Glass

Greater Productivity & Open Communications
Higher Creativity and Morale
Lower Maintenance
Noise Reduction
Flexibility/Versatility/Modular Capability
Flow of Natural Lighting
Cost Reduction on Utilities

Glass dividers and guards are great for:

Hotel Industry

Dental Clinics
Doctor Offices
Point of Sale
Medical Clinics
Nail & Beauty Salons
Hospitality Industry
Hair Salons & Barbers
Open Concept
Health & Fitness Restaurants
Food Stations

Glass Benefits


Glass is a strong and durable material that can be custom-cut to size, making it an excellent choice for dividers and sneeze guards. It is easy to clean and allows natural light to flow through workspaces, creating a professional and modern environment that welcomes everyone. Overall, glass is an excellent choice for businesses seeking to promote safety and hygiene while enhancing the look and feel of their space.


Why Tempered Glass for Dividers and Guards?

Tempered glass is the superior choice for dividers and sneeze guards. It outlasts plastic alternatives due to being scratch-resistant and not turning yellow over time. Tempered glass is also easy to clean and can withstand contact-based viruses, making it the more practical and cost-effective choice for businesses.


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