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Premium Tempered Glass Systems

Upgrade Your Space With Custom Built Glass Solutions

Safeguard Glass offers custom installation that creates a natural feel and purposeful design, rather than temporary barriers. We offer a variety of installations and mounting options to fit every type of business.


Our team creates premium installations that help define your office space, promoting more natural light customized to your business needs.

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Quality Materials and Expert Installations


Our goal is to create durable, safe protection for piece of mind. A glass installation provides a professional looking environment, catered to your needs. Our skilled team is ready to take on your project and create a durable solution that’s built to last.

Not sure what you need? Our design team can tailor the right look for your needs. We’ll work with you and provide expert design advice and competitive pricing.


Custom Details To Fit Your Space


We’re all about customization. Our glass can be custom fabricated into doors and walls that fit your unique space and needs. We are able to install frameless or minimal framed designs to create an open feel with clean lines. Contact us today to get started on developing your beautiful and safe workspace.


Why Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass is a type of safety glass with added chemical treatments to increase its durability and support compared to regular glass. In fact, it’s about four times stronger than regular glass. It’s also scratch resistant which will keep it looking pristine over time. Safeguard uses this premium material in creating expert workplace solutions, providing piece both of mind and a superior presentation.

Benefits of Glass

Greater Productivity & Open Communications
Higher Creativity and Morale
Lower Maintenance
Noise Reduction
Flexibility/Versatility/Modular Capability
Flow of Natural Lighting
Cost Reduction on Utilities

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