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Tempered Glass Company in Mississauga

Safeguard Glass is a leading tempered glass company based in the Greater Toronto Area. We specialize in transforming traditional office spaces into safe and aesthetically pleasing environments for the future of business. Our services include the installation of custom glass partitions, specialized glass walls and doors, and glass dividers and sneeze guards, all designed to create safe workplace interactions. With safety at the forefront of our operations, we guarantee high-quality products and services delivered on tight timelines.


Safeguard Glass is committed to providing people-friendly protection and customization for any glass renovation. We also offer fast, friendly, and free quotes, ensuring a seamless experience for you whatever your needs. Our expert team is ready to create a custom fit workspace with premium materials and craftsmanship, adhering to all government and occupational health & safety regulations. Try out SafeGuard Glass today.

Why Choose Tempered Glass for your Mississauga Home or Office

Tempered glass is incredibly strong due to the tempering process, which involves heating the glass to high temperatures and rapidly cooling it. This process enhances its strength, making it several times stronger than regular glass. Whether you need glass for windows, doors, partitions, tabletops, shelves, cabinets, display cases, countertops, shower enclosures, balustrades, or skylights, tempered glass provides reliable strength. Safety is another vital aspect of tempered glass as it shatters into small, granular pieces instead of sharp shards when broken, minimizing the risk of injury.


This property is especially crucial in environments with children or high foot traffic, making tempered glass a safe choice for your loved ones or employees. Durability is another advantage of tempered glass as it resists impact and scratches, maintaining a pristine appearance even after years of use. Whether in a busy office or household, tempered glass withstands daily wear and tear, offering long-lasting durability. In addition to strength and durability, tempered glass exhibits excellent heat resistance, making it suitable for areas exposed to heat sources without warping or breaking. The transparency of tempered glass allows unobstructed views and creates a bright and open atmosphere, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any space, be it glass windows or partitions.

Local Mississauga Tempered Glass

Welcome to the vibrant city of Mississauga, Ontario, where tempered glass takes center stage in some of its most remarkable locations. Mississauga showcases the advantages of tempered glass in the following five exceptional places:

Absolute World Towers (Marilyn Monroe Towers):

The Absolute World Towers, also known as the Marilyn Monroe Towers, stand tall as a testament to the advantages of tempered glass. The floor-to-ceiling windows made of tempered glass not only offer residents breathtaking panoramic views but also provide an exceptional advantage of enhanced durability and safety. The strength and resilience of tempered glass ensure the residents' peace of mind, even in the face of extreme weather conditions.

Mississauga Celebration Square:

At Mississauga Celebration Square, the grand pavilion with its canopy made of tempered glass showcases a remarkable advantage: a harmonious blend of protection and openness. The translucent nature of tempered glass allows natural light to filter through, creating an inviting and lively atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy events and gatherings under the shelter of the canopy while still feeling connected to the surrounding environment.

Living Arts Centre:

The Living Arts Centre harnesses the advantages of tempered glass to create an immersive cultural experience. The large windows made of tempered glass flood the interior spaces with natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day. This not only enhances the visual appeal but also reduces energy consumption, providing an environmentally friendly advantage that aligns with the center's artistic endeavors.

Mississauga Central Library:

The Mississauga Central Library exemplifies how tempered glass offers a multitude of advantages. The extensive use of tempered glass in the library's design allows for ample natural light to enter the building, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere for readers and learners. Additionally, the high strength and impact resistance of tempered glass enhance the building's security, ensuring the protection of valuable resources and providing a sense of safety for visitors.

Square One Shopping Centre

Square One Shopping Centre capitalizes on the advantages of tempered glass to elevate the shopping experience. The large glass windows and skylights not only allow natural light to illuminate the mall's interior but also provide an unobstructed view of the surrounding cityscape. This advantage creates a sense of openness, making the shopping center visually appealing and fostering a pleasant environment for visitors to explore and indulge in retail therapy.


In Mississauga, tempered glass demonstrates its versatility and advantages, enhancing the functionality, safety, aesthetics, and sustainability of these exceptional locations. Whether it's the breathtaking views, energy efficiency, or the harmonious connection with the surrounding environment, the advantages of tempered glass contribute to creating memorable experiences for residents and visitors alike.

Library Book Shelves

Frequently Asked Questions

How is glass tempered?

Glass is tempered through a thermal tempering process. The glass is first cut to the desired shape and size. Then, it undergoes a heating process in a tempering oven, where it is heated to a high temperature close to its softening point. The heated glass is rapidly cooled by directing jets of air onto its surfaces. This rapid cooling creates a state of high compression on the outer surfaces and tension within the interior of the glass. The result is tempered glass, which is stronger and more resistant to impact and thermal stress compared to regular glass.

How can I tell if glass is tempered?

There are several ways to determine if glass is tempered. First, check for a manufacturer's mark or etching on the glass, as tempered glass often has a visible mark indicating its tempering. You can also look for distortion patterns when viewing the glass from certain angles. Tempered glass may display slight distortions. Another clue is to inspect the edges of the glass. Tempered glass typically has smooth, rounded edges due to the tempering process, while non-tempered glass may have sharp or unfinished edges. Lastly, you can perform a polarized light test by using polarized sunglasses or a polarizing filter. Tempered glass will show a distinct pattern of stress lines when subjected to polarized light.

 How should I clean tempered glass?

Cleaning tempered glass requires gentle care. Begin by removing loose dirt or debris using a soft cloth or brush. Prepare a mixture of mild dish soap or glass cleaner with warm water. Dip a non-abrasive sponge or lint-free cloth into the cleaning solution and gently scrub the glass surface. Rinse the glass thoroughly with clean water to remove any soap residue, and then dry it using a soft, lint-free cloth or a squeegee to prevent water spots.

How strong is tempered glass?

Tempered glass is significantly stronger than regular annealed glass. It is typically four to five times stronger and offers higher resistance to impact and thermal stress. When tempered glass shatters, it breaks into small, relatively harmless pieces, reducing the risk of injury compared to sharp shards of regular glass.


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